Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Metal Glove Solid: Taking it to the Next Level

I thought it was about time I gave the game a bit of variety, and nothing shows variety than different coloured background images. Level 2 is now like a whole new game - to the people who put graphics above gameplay.

Actually though, I do intend for the levels to be different. The first level is a simple dungeon requiring keys to get through it. This second level is far more open-plan, meaning that enemies also have much more access to the players death-button.

I was reading a thread on FreeGameDev about another potential Gauntlet remake, and one comment caught my eye - "The game was quite fast paced. As long it is a bit fast and manic, we'll be on the right track." It's factors like that that make the difference between a good game and a great game, and it's a phase I call "gameplay tweaking", since that's what it is. I've still yet to do that with this game, but it can make all the difference between this being a plodding, tedious game and a fast-and-furious arcade monster.

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