Friday, May 16, 2008

Metal Glove Solid: Front End

Now that the game is in a pretty playable state, it was time to concentrate on all the front end. I've given it a fancy title screen shown on the right (obviously not drawn by me) and a couple of menus - one asking if you would like to start a new game (hinting that a "save game" option may be in the pipeline) and one to determine what character you want to be.

Having different characters has increased the variety of the game. I've now given the player's sprite various stats, like movement speed, shot interval time, shot power etc.. These will all also need tweaking. The main advantage of the wizard in the original game was that he was far better at using the single (IIRC) spell and would kill everything. In my version, there are going to be different kinds of spells, but I'm still trying to think of a way ther player can access them easily whilst still shooting at all the enemies. Maybe just pressing a number from 1-10 to pre-select a spell, and then pressing another button to cast it will be good enough. I've also got to think of some types of spells, but I'll wait till I go to the toilet to do that since that's where I have all my best ideas. I should take a laptop next time just in case.


Anonymous said...

Will you not credit the graphic's creator?

Steve said...

Definitely, as soon as I find out who to credit!