Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm now facing the greatest challenge of all game development - getting people to play it. For some reason, people will go out and pay for games in their thousands, but then a game which is just as good yet completely free (not my game, BTW) will remain obscure. Where's the logic in that? Where are the magazines dedicated to free games that people can play straight away?

My current pet project, Nuclear Graveyard, is proving obscure and hidden to the public. I've created the obligatory website, some forums, this blog, and even posted some news items on Sourceforge in the hope of bumbing up its rank. However, on average only one person is connecting per day (even though it's being downloaded about 3 times a day on average(?)). What's a programmer to do? Pay people to play it??

PS - If you do play it, please please email me and let me know - even if it's to tell me why it's the worst game you've ever played (since my last one).