Monday, November 12, 2012

Installing Java for Applets

I've blogged before about the fact that Sun (and now Oracle) like to make it as difficult as possible to get Java working, especially for applets.  You can spend hours trawling the new for soutions, but often they don't work due to differing versions of your OS, of Java and your browser.

However, for future reference I've found this page which seems to wort and is incredibly simple:-

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Julian Gollop Announces New Chaos

If you're a fan of Chaos then you probably already know this, but Julian Gollop, famed developer of strategy games, has announced he's working on a new version of Chaos.

Chaos is indeed a brilliant game; that's just one reason why I copied it so faithfully for my own Sorcerers for Android.  I hope Julian won't mind if I treat this as a bit of competition between us as to who can create the best game.  I'm bound to lose, but it's the kind of impetus I need to keep working on a game.  And there can be no losers!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Speed Warning

Here's a new app which will hopefully save me money from those annoying speed cameras.

Without wanting to get too political on this blog, what really gets me about being caught for speeding is that it's too easy to creep over the speed limit.  Staying on the right side of the law shouldn't be a test of skill, and the more time you spend looking at your speed dial, the less time you spend looking out the window to check you're not going to crash, which can't be right.

Anyhoo, either way, my new Speed Warning app for Android should help and save people from the usual speeding fines.  It sits on your dashboard and will show you your current speed, in either Miles per Hour or Kilometres per Hour, depending on what your country uses. 

The main feature however, is to give you a visual and audible warning should your speed creep over the limit you have set, which can be easily adjusted with the '+' or "-" icons.  So now you can keep your eyes on the road at all times without worrying if you're breaking the law.