Sunday, June 25, 2017

Physics Platformer

This uses JBox2D for the physics.  This post is just a dump for hosting images at the moment, but I'll add something soon.  Until then, the source is available at

Friday, June 16, 2017

Databases - The difference between MSSQL and MySQL


Windows and MSSQL:-
* Download SQL Server 2016 (the free version presumably)
* Get message that SQL 2016 won't work on Windows 2007
* Install SQL Server 2007 (once you've found the correct link)
* Download MSSQL Management Studio (once you've found the correct link)
* Try and restore database backup
* Get message that backup was created with SQL Server v 10.5 and I am running 10.0.4
* Try and find out how to upgrade to SQL 10.5.
* Download SQL Server 2008 *R2*
* Try and restore database backup
* Still says version number is too low
* Uninstall SQL Server 2008 after assuming it would upgrade and not install side-by-side
* Try and restore database backup
* Profit!

Linux & MySQL:-
* sudo apt-get install mysql-server
* mysql --user me --passwordmypwd  < datafile.sql

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Multiplayer Platformer

After playing the excellent game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime on the PS4, which is a same-screen multiplayer co-op platformer, I decided to have a go myself at making a multiplayer game.

This involved working out how to read PS4 controllers.  Once I'd managed to do this in Java using some source code I found on the internet, I ripped apart one of my old Android platformers and refactored it into a PC game.

To make it even more special, and so that more than one player would stay in the screen, I implemented a zoom in/out feature.

The game currently has two gameplay modes: A simple "race" mode where the winner is the first person to get to the end, and a "race" mode, where the last player standing is the winner; players are elimiated when they get caught by the end of the screen.

Full source code is available here: