Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Java Open Source Multiplayer FPS Engine - Preview

"SteveTech1" is my code name for my new Multiple FPS Engine for Java (a name in tribute to Id).  Obviously, the only way to prove that my Multiple FPS Engine "SteveTech1" actually works, and is useful, is to create a game with it.  Here is a preview of that game:-

It's called Undercover Agent.  In a nutshell, all the players (and scenery) look exactly the same.  The aim of the game is to find the enemy players before they find you.  Since everyone looks the same, the way to identidfy them is when they move.  But then you have to move to find them!  Aargh!  In this level, everyone is a snowman, surrounded by inanimate snowmen.  Did I see one of them move...?

Once I'm sure that SteveTech works, I'll be releasing the source.