Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Project: Island Commander

I always like to give my projects a name that reminds me what the hell my original idea was that I started with, since it's easy for them to transmogrify into something else, I lose the initial inspiration, get bored and go onto something else. This happens a lot. My new game is called "Island Commander" for this reason, and should serve to remind me what my original vision was.

I was browsing t'interweb and came across a page for Carrier Command, a game I haven't played for years, and is long due for one of my legendary "remakes". It also reminded me of another Amiga game called Archipelago, which I've never played but always admired the screenshots for their simple 3D graphics.

I can't remember the exact thought processes I went through to get to where I am today, but I always wanted to write a strategy/wargame thingie that involved units being controlled by AI, so you were more of a commander rather than directly controlling every unit. The result is this simple RTS, where you simply choose where to start the units (whether it's a mine for the obligatory resource gathering or a jet fighter) and then the unit goes of and does what it thinks is best.

No prizes for guessing where the sprites came from. And you'll notice it's not 3D, but that will come, maybe. And I've not implemeted "islands" yet. I'm still tweaking the opponents AI, but rest assured, if I manage to finish it, this will be the new Starcraft! Most importantly, I actually enjoy playing it so this one could run...

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