Monday, July 20, 2009

Island Commander: New Graphics!

Yeah so I'm like "woah!", and everyone else is like "yeah, whatever", and I'm like "okay, I'll redo the graphics then." Praise the lord for GPL and other great licences that let people like me have decent graphics in their game with no legal hang-ups. Here's a screenshot of Island Commander with its new look:-

At a distance it's quite blurry and doesn't look that different; you'll probably have to click on the picture to see the new graphics (or even just [Ultimate] play the game). For those who are curious, the new units are taken from Bos Wars and FreeOrion, which both have great graphics and permissive licences.

I've also taken the opportunity to tweak the AI. However, this change in graphics is just the first stage of a new aspect of "IC": factions. The player will be able to choose from various armies, each of which will have special unique skills and abilities. This will increase the AI complicatedness factor to about a million percent and also undo all the good work in balancing that I have done, but I think it's necessary to keep the game interesting. Suggestions for funky faction names are more than welcome - and full credit will of course be given!


qubodup said...

You should link to the game in each post you write about it..

Steve said...

Good point - links added.

MrZaphod said...

The first time something is blown up a 3-4 sec pause while is downloaded. It might be due to my slow network, but it might be worth pre-caching it.

Steve said...

Thanks! - I forgot to pre-cache that one (I do all the others).