Friday, July 31, 2009

I've been Freegamer'd!

Fame and fortune comes with its downside, as I can now testify (well, for fame anyway - fortune may have provided a solution). I, up until a few hours ago, hosted most of my web pages and all my download files on my home server, which suited me well since I had direct access to it and don't need to faff around to make files available.

Unfortunately, the only option my crappy ISP (aren't they all?) has for unlimited upload/download allowance is countered by a maximum speed of 0.5mbps. This never used to be a major issue, until I got Freegamer'd. The interview on Freegamer, with it's myriad of links to all my games (most stored on my server) has caused a bit of a bottleneck, much to some people's (and my own) understandable annoyance.

However, I've now fixed it. I'm hosting the larger files on HyperFileShare, which seems pretty good. I've not fixed all the links across all my pages, but in the meantime here are the best download links:-

Xenogeddon | Laser Tactics | HoloRacer

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