Friday, June 26, 2009

Another "Almost" Game

I had another idea for a game which I've started and now stopped for the usual reason. Originally, I was going to write a 3D FPS that doesn't use models, since it is a massive ball-ache trying to find appropriate models on t'internet. Instead, I thought about just using basic shapes or something, but because they are basic I can make them more animated: moving platforms, floors that go up and down, walkways that extends and then retract, you get the idea. Actually, writing about it now makes it seem like a great idea, so maybe I'll come back to this one. I'm thinking something like Mirrors Edge with a constantly changing environment.

Anyway, the idea then transmogrified - the kind of games that already use this "simple shape" theory are all the old classics - Breakout, Pac-Man, Tetris. Their graphics were nothing special but they were good games. So how about a game set inside another game? Maybe this screenshot will give a better idea of what I mean:

Those blocks are supposed to be the blocks in a game of Breakout. I intend to have a bouncing ball and maybe the puck. The player would walk around in an FPS-stylee, and maybe shoot all the blocks while avoiding the puck or something.

I even got as far as starting a Pac Man level:

I think it was this level that started eroding my enthusiasm. I realised that this game is going to take a lot of time to create all the 3D models for each level/game. Then there's the AI for all the unique enemies, the level design etc etc...

So I decided to (maybe temporarily) abandon it in favour of another game idea; an idea that uses simple graphics, no advanced AI, and is incredibly addictive. As soon as I have this idea, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, it's back to the Spectrum Arcade for inpiration.

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