Monday, August 03, 2009

Metal Glove Solid Update

Now I've improved the performance of Metal Glove Solid, I've turned my attention to the average graphics. This thread on the Freegamer forums (about another stalled Gauntlet-remake) contains some useful walls. I've grabbed these and stuck them in MGS, and this is the result:-

Pretty basic, huh? True, but it's the first version, and I'm combining the change in graphics with a new map generator, rather than rely on designing my own maps. Here we see two rooms joined by a corridor. Procedurally generated content is the future; this is it in it's most basic form, but even this can provide a million different styles of dungeon, so no two games will be the same.


Free Gamer said...

Good stuff! Look forward to seeing the game with the new map generator in action!

Is there a public SVN for it?

Steve said...

Yep, it's at svn://

All my games have public SVN, with the same domain as above, followed by the name of the game (unless I rename it, as in this case). And the location should be on the various websites.

Charlie said...

I posted some feedback in the forum!