Thursday, August 09, 2007

Note To Self: Playtest!

I have a very short interest span in games, and especially short for my own games. This is my excuse for poor/zero playtesting.

I just move onto a project I started a while back called DangerMan ( a platformer with weapons) since I've got bored of my latest project (though I will return to it eventually). And what a pile of bugs I found after only playing for only a few minutes!

Here are a few highlights:-

* If you shoot a rocket, you die straight away as it explodes immediately.

* Even when I got the rocket working, it destroys the scenery, but still draws it, because everything was being drawn twice in two different ways.

* The menu system gets confused with itself and you have to restart the program after a couple of goes.

* There was no mechanism for actually finishing a level (that I could tell).

I pity anyone who downloaded this game! It was completely unplayable, though it was at version 0.13 or something. I have now corrected these bugs and released a new version.

This leads me to my next thought - what's the point of releasing a game until it's finished? I suppose the source code is there for other people to examine/use, but if it's unfinished, why would they want to?

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