Monday, August 13, 2007

Gameplay Vids

I finally got round to creating some gameplay vids. Having these is an excellent idea (and I'm probably the last person to latch onto this) as it gives people an idea of how the game works. My first candidate for this is Nuclear Graveyard, as I think it's complexity puts a lot of people off playing it.

Here's a [very small] video from The Assassins mission, just as da boyz are about to burst into the house. It's only 30 secs.

On a slightly less happy note, development was stalled today because I made the mistake of installing Oracle's client software, which in turn installed no less than 3 (count'em!) seperate Java Runtime Environments (?), all of which were version 1.4 or less, and all meaning that most of my Java software suddenly didn't work. It only wasted about an hour of my time in working out the problem and solving it. So thanks a lot, Oracle - not! I spend a lot of my time disliking Microsoft, but it seems to me that most software companies are just as evil, but on a smaller scale.


Charlie said...

The gameplay video needs to be a bit longer and show some action. That video looks like nothing is happening - the people barely move at all.

Steve said...

Good point - unfortunately, I'm using an unregistered copy of Fraps. Do you know of any good software for recording gameplay?



Charlie said...

Yukon maybe?