Thursday, August 02, 2007

Interesting Enemies

I was watching Gamer TV the other day, killing 5 minutes and keeping up with the latest development in non-Free games department, and I saw a video of the new game BioShock. And I wasn't that impressed. It was only a quick video, and I was only glancing it at, but it gave me an insight into what a lot of games (including my own) lack, and that's "anything new". It's probably been said a million times before, but a lot of the games are just Doom with better graphics. I suddenly realised how boring an FPS can be if you're just wandering around shooting the odd enemy that appears. It's stating the obvious, but they need something new to keep the player wanting to play it.

It's with this in mind that I've though of something new! At least, I hope it is, and in the interests of open source and sharing ideas, it's going to a some kind of "fungus" that grows towards the player. It won't be easy to kill (probably impossible in fact) but the player will be able to shoot bits of it away.

Here's my first version of it. It's rudimentary (just using spheres), and I've still yet to perfect my fungus "ai", but it certainly makes an interesting and different enemy.

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