Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In praise of Google Code

I'm probably blogging a bit early about this as I've only been using it a few days and have yet to come across the world-destroying problem with it that everyone else except me knows about. However, in those few days it's been great to me; all I wanted was somewhere to store my source code and large downloadable zips, and for that it's perfect.

I used to use Sourceforge, but their website seems far too bloated and long-winded to do anything. If you want to create a project, you have to go through approx 7 pages worth of options before finally submitting it, and waiting several days before they "approve it", like they should decide what software is allowed or not. (Again, bear in mind that I've not even logged onto my Sourceforge account for several years now so it may have changed since). If you want to upload a large file, you have to ftp it to their web server, and then select it (from a long list containging everyone else's files) and then fill in some dropdown boxes about it's version or package name or whatever. Jeez, just accept the file with the name I've given it [already]!

Compare this to Google Code - to create a project you give it a name, a short description, a long description and blam - it's there ready for you to use. Want to upload a file? Just select it and upload it and it's there.

At least Sourceforge Smorshforge have taken steps to ease the downloading of files. You used to have to go to the download page, choose the package, choose the file, then choose the mirror, and then wonder if it's doing anything for 5 minutes.

I just wish there was a way to remove my projects from Sourceforge. And don't get me started on the number of projects at "Status: Planning"!

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qubodup said...

There is a way to remove your project from, but it's not a super-simple procedure. Best ask on


gc (googlecode) > sf (sourceforge)


gh (github) > gc (googlecode)