Monday, August 24, 2009

Trawling My Own Archives (Part #2)

There are literally tens of directories in my newfound treasure-trove of old source code, and I'm slowly getting through them. It's taking a bit longer than it should due to my old habit of sharing common (but now missing) libraries of source code between projects and using network drive letters that no longer exist.

However, here are 3 more to whet your appetite for the good old days when games were simpler (so simple in fact, that even the author is struggling to find the point).

The first game is one I originally called Floater, in an amusing play on the gameplay of Thrust-type games. There's not a lot to this game at the moment - you float around in an Asteroids/Thrust kind of way and shoot some bullets, not that there are any baddies to shoot at yet. If memory serves, I planned to make this a network version of Thrust or something, a bit like Gravity Force.

The next looks like some kind of puzzle game, though again I can't seem to work out what the actual game is supposed to be. It's almost fun though, as you bounce a ball around lots of other balls, and kinetic energy is passed between them. I think I wrote this on the assumption that some kind of game idea would magically appear once the mechanics are in place. I'm still waiting...

I've saved the best until last - this one is actually quite good and almost complete, and has a point! In a nutshell its a top-down shooter, a bit like GTA 1 but without the cars. The "missions" (if they can be called that) are randomly selected, and range from killing a Terminator-like robot to killing a group of rioting vegans (I always like to include a bit of social commentary in my games). I might actually release this one since it looks like I spent a fair bit of time on it.

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