Monday, July 09, 2007

"Last Remaining" - We have Lift Off!

I've finally had some great ideas for the story for my new game Last Remaining. I won't go into too much details here, as "the story" is going to be this games biggest selling point, and revealing it now would strip anyone of the main reason to play the game. However, basically the player plays the part of a space-wreckage-investigator (I'm sure there is a more succint way of describing that, but there you are).

I had a bit of a quandy as to how best to show the speech by the NPC's - do I show speech bubbles, showing writing along the bottom of the screen, or destroy my whole reputation and have a go at some voice acting? In the end I decided to go for the pseudo-speech bubble option, as it was easiest.

Another minor request for advice - I had amazing trouble trying to get the OrientedBoundingBox to work in JMonkeyEngine. In fact I still can't get it to work, so I decided to use Rays instead to check for LOS. Does the OrientedBoundingBox actually work in JME?

Anyway, now I've got all the major functions for a 3D RPG, like LOS, speech bubbles, collision detection and map files, I'm all set. Downloads are here, but are probably a bit out of date. I've just registered the project on Sourceforge, so I'm just waiting for them to accept it (or otherwise...)

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Charlie said...

There's some good info here:

Come and join in the FG forums - trying to get open source game chat going there. :-)