Thursday, July 19, 2007


Now that I've implemented shooting in Last Remaining, getting a good "shooting" feeling in my FPS is proving hard. My first version of shooting was just to move a cylinder away from the player. It generally works, the player can see that they are shooting, and thanks to collision detection, the enemy knows when they have been hit. However, it feels like the player is using a pea-shooter. There's no umph behind it. This may be for several reasons:-

* No sound effect
* No muzzle flash when the bullet comes out
* No sparks where the bullet hits the target
* No camera shake when the player shoots

I think all of these add up to make a good shooting effect, and make the difference between a pop-gun and a BGF9000. I just need to work out the best way to implement them now.

I notice that some shooter don't actually draw the specific bullets. They have all of the above though. Maybe this might be the way to go - it will certainly save on processor time by not having to draw them all.

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