Friday, June 08, 2007

Online Gaming Organiser

Updates to my games have been a bit slow recently, and I think I can now announce why. I've just set up a brand new website called "NewGame!", and it's designed to be an on-line gaming session organiser.

One of the problems with a lot of on-line games (especially the not-so-famous ones) is that the worlds are often very sparse of players. I run a couple of on-line games that get several players a day, but unfortunately it's quite rare that they will join at the same time, making the players experience a lot less fun.

This website is designed to help this siutation by making it easy to organise a gaming session for a particular game, and then automatically email everyone else who has highlighted that game as being one they play. The date and time are chosen, and voila! Everyone plays at the same time and the gaming world is populated by more than bots. It does other helpful stuff like take into account players' timezones, and links to the games home pages, and also highlights which games are free.

By the way, the address is It's just started, so the membership is pretty sparse. However, I'm hoping people will just add their names on the off-chance that someone will organise a session for their favourite game, and slowly the numbers will increase.

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