Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Microsoft Developers Don't Even Understand the Licence Agreements

Buried in this story of typical Microsoft bullying (briefly, a programmer won an award from Microsoft for developing an add-on for Visual Studio, and was then threatened with legal action for developing the very same add-on) was this email from the Microserf:-

From: Jason Weber [Micro$oft]
To: Jamie Cansdale [bedroom programmer]
Date: Dec 9, 2005 4:37 AM
Subject: RE: Follow-up Information

Since I'm not a lawyer I shouldn't comment on the license. However if
you read the Express SKU EULA you'll see verbiage around reverse
engineering, and if you read the VS SDK license (the license that covers
all native API's that you're accessing when you QueryService from your
add-in) you'll see additional terms that are relevant to your hack.
Sorry that I can't be more specific, but I'm just a developer ;-)

Later - jason

So Jason, the Microsoft clone with an army of lawyers at his disposal, doesn't understand the licence agreements, but he's expecting the poor bedroom programmer to understand them? Programming is hard enough without threatening lawyers letters from the chief innovation-destroyer!

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