Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A New Roguelike Project

Roguelikes really suit my programming style: they can be ASCII based, which makes creating the graphics very easy, and they are usually grid based, so positioning entities and checking for collisions is simple.  This means that I can spend more time actually creating a game rather than writing all that boilerplate collision and graphics code.

I wrote my first roguelike (Astro Commander) several years ago; it was based on what I thought FTL was like, having never actually played that game.  I've now decided to write another roguelike, after deciding that 3D graphics are too much hard work.  Also, I wanted to have another go at creating an even-better ECS system.  And of course, the theme of the game will be a classic Spectrum game: Alien (Mind Games).

In this game, you will control the crew of Nostromo.

Do you know, I always feel I should write about the games I create in order to "get them out there".  However, when I'm excited about a new project, I prefer to spend my time creating it (rather than writing about it and taking screenshots).  Once this excitement has passed and I've completed all the interesting challenges, I'm then too disinterested in the project to bother writing about it, since I'll probably start another project and won't look at this again.
If you want to look at the source code, it's here.  It contains a good ECS system, and units can walk around.  But now I've decide the writing a co-op game is my next project, maybe in Unity.

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