Monday, June 23, 2014

Think Anagrams Are Easy?

So did I until I wrote my new education app 'Alien Anagrams'.  It's a sort-of shoot'em-up, except you shoot bullets by correctly guessing anagrams.

Take the anagram in the screenshot above: "lseo".  it took me a good few minutes to guess it, when I would have assumed a 4-letter anagram would take about 4 seconds.  How many combinations can there be?  But for some reason my brain keeps thinking of words like "leo's" or "selo"[tape].  Still, that's why I like playing this game; if you lose it's your own fault, and when the computer shows you the word, it suddenly becomes obvious what the answer was.

Give it a go (the first few levels are free, and they are challenging enough) and see how well you do.

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