Friday, August 12, 2011

Domain Squatters Can Die!

If you've ever tried finding a domain name for your new project, no doubt you'll have come across the problem of cybersquatters, the vermin that polute the internet with ad-farms by buying up any and all domains that might be remotely useful for anyone. The rest of us have to try and think up obscure domain names that still try and relate to whatever subject our website is about, and hope people will still be able to find our site on the net.

Of course, you can usually buy a domain back from them if you want, using one of the their very helpful "make us an offer" forms. Gee, thanks. You're doing mankind a service.

1 comment:

Charlie said...

I have encountered it, and had a domain "stolen" (not quite, it was a project domain which expired and the registered person was uncontactable, and it was gone before we could buy it back).

They are worthless people who offer nothing productive to humanity.