Monday, March 10, 2008

Announcing: Space Jihad

In between planning epic strategy roleplaying adventures that I'll have trouble completing in my lifetime, I like to knock up a quick and simple arcade game, and I now present another one.

Called Space Jihad, it's barely got a pixel of originality in it, so hopefully you won't have played any similar games before. It's like Tower Defence, but side-on. And IMHO it's quite fun to play.

I spent more time fine-tuning the game balance than actually programming it, and there is a lot more strategy to it than may meet the eye. Strategies like what kind of installation to buy and when, and then where to place it; all of these play a part.

And as with a lot of my other games, if you log in to the website before you play, it will save and show your high-score for the rest of the world to try and beat!

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