Friday, January 11, 2008

Multiple Platforms, Multiple Databases

SQL Enterprise Manager (or SQL Server Studio, as M$ like to keep changing the name) isn't a bad program, but obviously it only works with MS SQL, and only on Windows. Since I use MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL on Windows and Linux, I've been looking for a single program that can handle all of these databases, and I've found one: Aqua Data Studio.

It's written in Java (though there are other versions available) so it runs on Windows and Linux, and it easily connects to almost every kind of database, allowing you to do all the impotant things that SQL Server Studio does, like view the tables, edit the data, run queries etc...

I'm not affiliated with Aqua Fold in any way, but I thought I'd mention a program that is really useful and pretty good. It's free for personal use as well.

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