Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An RTS that I intend to be a 2D version of World in Conflict

I mentioned this a while back, and against my own advice I've come back to it. Actually, I've already written most of the difficult framework stuff of selecting units, moving them around, A* pathfinding stuff etc.., and just have the fun of adding a proper "game" and features (- classic assumption by programmers that the final stuff is fun/easy). The screenshot is below, and the game itself is here (or it will be by this evening).

I've nicked the graphics from Advance Wars, and although I've never played World in Conflict, I always think it's a good idea to try and copy a game, as it gives you (me) inspiration and something to aspire to. And if I do anything differently, then great, it makes my game slightly more original!

I used to do this a lot back in my Spectrum BASIC programming days - I've written versions of Carrier Command and Populous, among other games, in BASIC using UDG's (remember those?). It used to be pretty easy. Looked awful, mind.

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