Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Latest Releases

I thought I might as well mention the new releases of my games, in case anyone's interested!

Nuclear Graveyard - The biggest complaint about this game was all the keys. I've now added a new menu system, so all the functions can be accessed from this. You can now also click on a units stats to select them, and click on the map in the top-right corner to change the view mode.

Passenger - I changed this so that it now uses floats for the angle, rather than integers. This has led to much smoother turning. I still need some decent animated 3D models though!

DangerMan - I changed the targetting on this so that the mouse pointer is a crosshairs (just like Abuse). I think this improves the playability. I also changed it so that the sprite coords are floats rather than integers. I thought this might slow things down, but it seems okay. I need to work on the maps now.

HoloRacer - This now compiles some of the OpenGL shapes for improved performance, and I also widened the track. I also got it to remember which level the player reaches, so if they restart the game, then can jump straight to the latest level. I've managed to get to Level 5 - beat that!

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