Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Some more thoughts about my Grand Theft Auto MUD

Most of my customers seem to be from America (I'm naively assuming, since they speak english and connect in the middle of the night (I'm in the UK, BTW)). Unless they are nocturnal brits? It does mean that I rarely get the chance to interact with them though.

I'm still struggling to come up with more good ideas for the game (that are easy to implement if I'm being honest). Quite a lot of people walk around and think "is that it"? I think that's partly their fault for not actually talking to anyone, which is the main way to find missions.

People always want to kill kill kill! I'd probably perfer this mud if it was more of an adventure, but I suppose it's understandable given it's based on Grand Theft Auto. However, people join the game, type in 'KILL [the name of the NPC they first meet]' and then usually succeed, but then get killed by the cops. There's far more to it than just fighting!

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